Rain Capital Management offers comprehensive wealth management solutions addressing the complexity wealth creates

We Focus

Rain Capital Management is an independent, privately-owned wealth management firm that delivers access to sophisticated portfolio construction and investment advice in a client-focused, boutique setting. We focus exclusively on serving wealthy families, private foundations and nonprofit organizations.

We Serve

Our mission is to have a lasting positive impact on the financial wellbeing of our clients. We can only fulfill that commitment by remaining completely independent of any relationship that conflicts with the fiduciary obligation we have to our clients. We practice openness, transparency, common sense, and accountability.

We Perform

We are dedicated to growing our clients' wealth with less risk. Effective risk control is as important as generating return when trying to deliver outstanding investment performance over time. Our approach is designed to mitigate unwanted risk throughout the investment process to achieve more stable and robust diversification. Our strong relationships ensure unique access for clients in what are often investments with limited capacity.

We Advocate

We understand wealth creates complexity, and complexity requires sound advice and planning. Your goals may be as concrete as transitioning a business or as intangible as pursuing a dream. Our tax-efficient solutions include investment strategy and advice, sophisticated risk management, portfolio construction, investment due diligence, retirement planning, wealth transfer, and philanthropic strategies.